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Broiler equipment Manufacturers china introduces how to increase the use time of chicken equipment

To complete each batch, chicken farming equipment needs to check line snapshots and screw tightness as soon as possible, and lift the system again.

Do you know how to increase the usage time of chicken raising equipment? The following Broiler equipment Manufacturers china editor will take you to a brief understanding.
1. To complete each batch of chicken raising equipment, it is necessary to check the line snapshot and screw tightening as soon as possible, and upgrade the system again.
2. When feeding material into the hopper, a large amount of dust will be generated, and sometimes the feeding mechanism cannot be started. This is because the photoelectric switch controls the feeding to stop, and the fuselage is covered with dust, which makes it impossible to start unloading.
3. The power supply of the automatic chicken raising equipment drive mode is started, and the screw motor is a high-speed motor, so when the power is cut off, it is necessary to regularly check whether the motor belt is aging.
4. Check whether the chain and sprocket are correct, and whether the chain drive is loose or rusted.
5. After each batch is processed, stick it on the motor shaft and add butter to the chicken feed line for maintenance. A few drops of vegetable oil can be added to the motor to avoid rusting.
6. Chicken raising equipment should have no track obstacles, otherwise there will be deviations.
7. The feeder is controlled by gears and chains to raise chickens, and there are hard teeth on the gears and chains to cooperate with each part. Chicken raising equipment 7 should keep hard-toothed gears and chains lubricated to avoid some damage due to lack of lubrication.
The above is the editor of Broiler equipment Manufacturers china:A brief introduction to the knowledge related to increasing the use time of chicken raising equipment.