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Introduction of Cheapest economic poultry farm equipment: knowledge of drinking fountain cleaning for chickens!
Many people think it is troublesome to clean the water dispenser for chickens, so it is usually installed and used for a long time without cleaning, which causes the water dispenser to block and use it abnormally. This is incorrect behavior. In the water dispenser of the chicken breeding equipment, the discharged water is left in the water pipe, and several drinking spouts are opened in the water pipe section. The water is left in the drain to prevent it from spoiling and contaminating the drinking water system. For drinking water or drinking water, flushing pipes and water tanks should be used to prevent substances from accumulating in the drinking water system, leading to precipitation, deterioration and water pollution.
China pre-fabricated steel structure chicken house tells about the working principle and use method of chicken house!
The working principle and usage method of a kind of chicken house is: the chicken enters the chicken house from the door. Because the chicken prefers to stay at a height of 0.5m from the ground when resting, the chicken rack with a distance of 0.6-1.0m from the ground is convenient for chickens. Rest, the feces of the chickens at rest fall onto the chicken manure collection plate through the gap of the shelf.
Introduction of China pre-fabricated steel structure chicken house: the characteristics of FRP insulated chicken house!
The building materials of the chicken house are made of glass fiber reinforced plastic, which has the characteristics of fireproof, waterproof, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, light weight and heat preservation. Its thermal insulation performance is higher than that of brick walls (10 cm thermal insulation wall can reach 50 cm brick wall thermal insulation performance), reducing heating costs in winter, and the amount of coal used in thermal insulation chicken coops in one winter is less than that of ordinary chicken coops by one third, and it is reduced in summer Heat radiation is good for preventing heatstroke and cooling, which greatly reduces the cost of feeding.
China pre-fabricated steel structure chicken house tells: What are the types of chicken houses?
The open chicken house is suitable for areas with warm and not hot climate. The temperature from morning to night is consistent with the physiological habits of the chickens, and there is no hot and cold stress.
China pre-fabricated steel structure chicken house tells about: knowledge about the types of chicken houses!
Simple shed: Find a flat land leeward to the sun in the stocking area. Use canvas, linoleum, and thatch to build a simple chicken house with a north facing south. It can be directly built into a pyramid shape with an open door on the south side and the other three sides can touch the ground. You can also build walls all around, and the method is eclectic.
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