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poultry farming equipment for brolier

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Broiler equipment
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poultryfarmingequipmentforbrolier Allthepartsoftheequipemtchoosethetopquality1. MotorfromItaly2. AugerfromSouthAfrica3. Plasticproductsareofhighqualityvirginrawmaterialandfoodclass4. Feedpipesaremadeof315ghighziccoatedsteelplate5. Steelpartssuchastheminhopperandbootharemadeofaluminumcoatedzincplate6. Theaccessories:suchastheboltsandnuts,steelwireclipsandsoonarestainlesssteel
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2018/07/24 10:07
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poultry farming equipment for brolier 

All the parts of the equipemt choose the top quality

1. Motor from Italy

2. Auger from South Africa

3. Plastic products are of high quality virgin raw material and food class

4. Feed pipes are made of 315g high zic coated steel plate

5. Steel parts such as the min hopper and booth are made of aluminum coated zinc plate

6. The accessories : such as the bolts and nuts , steel wire clips and so on are stainless steel