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cooling pads

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Broiler equipment
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coolingpads Model:7090 size:1000*600*150mm,1500*600*150mm,1800*600*150mm thepulpimportfromfinland,thecorrugatedpaperisspeciallytreatedandhashighstructuralstrength,corrosionresistanceandlongservicelife thecorrugatedfiberstructurewithcertainanglehaslargesurfaceareaandquickpurificationandhascertainperformanceofthenaturalfilter Thesuperiorityofcoolingpads thestructurewithoutmicroporesonthesurfacecanpreventalgeaandmineralsubstancesfromresidinginthedeeplayer thesurfaceofthecoolingpadshasgoodhydroscopicpropertyandcanalsopreventfromproducingbeadsonthesurface thefastdryingpropertyofthesurfaceprotectivecoatingeffectivelyinbibitsorganicsubstancessuchasalgaefrombreedingonthesurface
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2018/07/24 10:07
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cooling pads 


size: 1000*600*150mm , 1500*600*150mm ,1800*600*150mm 

the pulp import from finland ,the corrugated paper is specially treated and has high structural strength , corrosion resistance and long service life 

the corrugated fiber structure with certain angle has large surface area and quick purification and has certain performance of the natural filter 

The superiority of cooling pads 

the structure without microporeson the surface can prevent algea and mineral substances from residing in the deep layer 

the surface of the cooling pads has good hydroscopic property and can also prevent from producing beads on the surface 

the fast drying property of the surface protective coating effectively inbibits organic substances such as algae from breeding on the surface