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Ventilation fan

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Broiler equipment
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VentilationFan Shatter:HighStrenthhot-galvanizedsteelsheet,withacentrifugalsystemitwillturnonautomaticaly.shutterwillturnonoffandsealundertheinfulentceofthegravityofspringswhentheventilationequipmentgooff,whichcaneffectivelypreventandpribibittherayoutsidefromshiningtroughtandmaketheindoorairventilationoptimized.Frame:Galvanizedsteelsheet,thezinccoatis275g/m2andtheframeisone-timemolded FanBlade:Germany-importedmirrorfinishedstainlesssteelblades,thefantranslationsallhavepassedtheexperimentofhomeostasis,whichmakestheairvolumekeepthesameastheeverybeginningduringtheoperationlifespanofthefan. beltpulley:TheVtypebeltpulleyisaluminummagnessiumalloyinjectionmoulded,soitislightandhigh-strenth. Belt:thebeltisimportedfromJapan,itisaametabolicinalongtimesothereisnousetomaintainitduringitslifecircle.Freemaintenance:thereisnousetomaintainitdruingitslifecircle 36inchfan  Aircapacity20800m3/hour Size 1000*1000*450mmNoise <64dBPower0.4KW Voltage 380VElectricCurrent 1.6AWeight66KG 50inchboxfan AirCapacity 43070M3/H Size 1380*1380*450mmNoise<65dBPower 1.1KWVoltage380VElectricCurrent2.8AWeight 88KG
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2018/07/24 10:06
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Ventilation Fan 

Shatter : High Strenth hot-galvanized steel sheet,with a centrifugal system it will turn on automaticaly.shutter will turn on off and seal under the infulentce of the gravity of springs when the ventilation equipment go off , which can effectively prevent and pribibit the ray outside from shining trought and make the in door air ventilation optimized.

Frame: Galvanized steel sheet , the zinc coat is 275g/m2 and the frame is one-time molded 

Fan Blade: Germany-imported mirror finished stainless steel blades, the fan translations all have passed the experiment of homeostasis , which makes the air volume keep the same as the every beginning during the operation life span of the fan. 

belt pulley : The V type belt pulley is aluminum magnessium alloy injection moulded, so it is light and high-strenth. 

Belt : the belt is imported from Japan ,it is a ametabolic in a longtime so there is no use to maintain it during its life circle.

Free maintenance :there is no use to maintain it druing its life circle 

36 inch fan  

Air capacity 20800m3/hour 
Size  1000*1000*450mm
Noise  <64dB
Power 0.4KW 
Voltage  380V
Electric Current  1.6A
Weight 66KG 

50 inch box fan 

Air Capacity  43070M3/H 
Size  1380*1380*450mm
Noise <65dB
Power  1.1KW
Voltage 380V
Electric Current 2.8A
Weight  88KG