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Viv2012 Beijing

  sdmrs6382888The company participated in the new exhibition of China International Exhibition Center in Beijing, China on September 23-25, 2012 (88 Yuxiang Road, Tianzhu Town, Shunyi District, Beijing), hosted by the National Animal Husbandry Station, Beijing Taike Convention and Exhibition Center and VNU Europe. The 2012 China International Intensive Animal Husbandry Exhibition jointly organized by the Exhibition Group. VIV China has been held for many times, and VIV is getting better and better in terms of scale and specialization. It is also the only truly international livestock exhibition in China. The exhibition attracted 400 domestic and foreign exhibitors from 24 countries, including 135 foreign exhibitors, with a total number of visitors exceeding 30,000, demonstrating the broad development prospects of the aquaculture industry.
  During the exhibition, the Shepherd God Group received a large number of domestic and foreign merchants, which received high attention from all parties in the industry and reached the expected purpose of the company's participation in the exhibition.
Exhibition picture: