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Cheapest Economic poultry farm equipment talks about the moisture-proof knowledge of farming equipment
During the breeding process, we must ensure good ventilation in the breeding farm. Due to the high temperature in summer and the breeding density in the breeding farm, the temperature in the breeding farm will gradually increase. As the temperature increases, a series of problems will be caused, which will affect the effect of breeding, and at the same time, it will cause stress. In general, the temperature in the farm should be kept at about 20-25℃, so the ventilation in the farm in summer is very important.
Cheapest Economic poultry farm equipment tells about the maintenance knowledge of farming equipment
The new type of breeding equipment is a unique mechanical equipment used in the production of chickens, breeders, broiler chickens and laying hens in chicken farms.
Economic poultry farm equipment supplier introduces the requirements of farming equipment on the site
For example, when selecting a site, be sure to choose a well-ventilated, open and dry place, and avoid construction in some humid environments. In addition, the site selection needs to check whether the water source is sufficient and whether the water quality is good, and there will be more sufficient power supply. The suggestion is to choose a place away from roads, rivers, factories in residential areas, etc. It will be more convenient to perform disease mode in the future.
Introduction of economic poultry farm equipment supplier: drinking water setting for farming equipment
When using breeding equipment, determine the water consumption of chickens according to their feed intake. Ordinary chickens drink twice as much water as they eat. If you increase the amount of water in hot weather, the amount of water consumed by chickens in hot weather is generally 5 times that of food.
Introduction of Cheapest economic poultry farm equipment: knowledge of drinking fountain cleaning for chickens!
Many people think it is troublesome to clean the water dispenser for chickens, so it is usually installed and used for a long time without cleaning, which causes the water dispenser to block and use it abnormally. This is incorrect behavior. In the water dispenser of the chicken breeding equipment, the discharged water is left in the water pipe, and several drinking spouts are opened in the water pipe section. The water is left in the drain to prevent it from spoiling and contaminating the drinking water system. For drinking water or drinking water, flushing pipes and water tanks should be used to prevent substances from accumulating in the drinking water system, leading to precipitation, deterioration and water pollution.
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