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Development of economical poultry equipment

Economical poultry equipment adopts modern technology and modern management measures.

Economical poultry equipment adopts modern technology and modern management measures. Its application can enable the pig industry to produce in an industrial way, provide suitable conditions for the growth and development of pigs, give full play to the growth potential of pigs, and improve the labor force of pig farms. Productivity, reduce the land use area of ​​pig farms, reduce their investment costs, and achieve low-consumption production of pig products. In order to meet the production requirements of each stage, the pig farm is equipped with different types of complete sets of pig raising equipment for the pigs in each production stage. According to the pig production process, each feeding group is placed in a house with suitable conditions to improve the utilization rate of the pig house and facilitate environmental control.

economical poultry equipment

Economical poultry equipment use technology integrates the scientific and technological achievements of various disciplines such as environmental control engineering, feeding and nutrition, and breeding of fine breeds, forming a production system with intensive pig herds and comprehensive technology, which is a technology-intensive intensive production. Each feeding stage is defined by a certain number of production rhythms, forming the flow production of pigs in each production stage. Intensive production, application of comprehensive technology According to the different equipment required by pigs in different growth periods, pig raising equipment can be divided into: boar pen, breeding pen, pregnancy pen, farrowing pen, piglet nursery pen, growth and fattening pen. Structural characteristics The whole feeding process of pigs from the formation of new life to the slaughtering market is divided into several consecutive feeding stages according to the different physiological characteristics of their growth and development periods.

Economical poultry equipment will develop towards complete sets and standardization. Combined with the stereotyped process mode, the standardized measures for pig raising equipment products are implemented through assembly, matching and integration and R&D means.