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Breeder equipment

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Breeder equipment china water diversion setting method
Breeder equipment china should take ventilation and cooling measures to install several large fans in the pig house to form air convection. What are the setting methods when it is diverting water? Here is my compilation:
What should be paid attention to in the maintenance of Breeder equipment china
Breeder equipment china has a high stocking density, which can reduce the floor space and civil construction investment costs, facilitate the implementation of mechanized and automated operations, facilitate management, and improve the working conditions of breeders.
Breeder equipment manufacturers explain the dust cleaning of Breeder equipment
The hard-to-avoid problem with Breeder equipment is dust. The dust mainly comes from the dust in the Breeder equipment, as well as the fallen feathers, feed powder, etc.
How often to disinfect Breeder equipment china
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2022-08-15 16:04
Breeder equipment china should be disinfected once a week. During the breeding period, the chickens were disinfected once a week with 10% Poison, diluted by 1:200 or with 0.1% Xinjieer Sanitizer. And the feces should be cleaned and disinfected in time.
Application status and significance of Breeder equipment products
Breeder equipment products manufacturers believe that in order to reduce the production cost of chicken farming and increase the economic benefits of chicken farming, it is necessary for farmers to increase income and reduce expenditure, that is, to find low-cost feed products of the same quality and reduce feed consumption and waste.
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