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Service commitment

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Service commitment


1. Service hotline
We open a 24-hour service hotline for our customers. If you want to know about our cultured products (chicken, pig), engineering design (animal engineering), service projects, or have any questions about our products, you can do it within 365*24 hours. Call our service hotline [400-177-888] and we will answer you in time.
2, telephone tracking
We will track the customer's use of our products from time to time. When the equipment is in an emergency, we will provide customers with professional technical guidance and best solutions in the shortest time to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. Operation and maintenance.
3, value-for-money service
● Site selection of chicken farm ● Design and preparation of chicken farm ● Installation of breeding equipment ● Training of breeding workers ● Technical guidance for breeding ● Product after-sales service
4. Official website
The official website has been re-upgraded and redesigned, providing customers with 24-hour online service for after-sales service, and contacting customer service online anytime and anywhere. At the same time, the website provides customers with service and support sections to solve the user's convenience in equipment installation and common problem handling. 

One-stop service

Implement a diversified strategy, from pre-sales consulting, program, site selection, design, installation, training, technical guidance, after-sales one-stop service, truly achieve one-stop service engineering.